Our third and final vital skill has to do with LOVE.

About 90% of us suffer from one of the most common of human maladies.  We are almost exclusively thinking about, dreaming about, talking to, looking at, wondering about, admiring, hating, loving, or rejecting one single person in our world… Ourselves!   Our favorite piece of furniture is the MIRROR.  We are absolutely, madly, unequivocally in love with OURSELVES.

This self-centeredness absolutely cripples our ability to use our full Brain Power! How can you possibly operate at peak efficiency when you are only considering yourself in the equation? It’s a very interesting thing.  When your every thought, idea, emotion and feeling is about yourself, how can you possibly consider anyone else?  In other words, all attention on yourself equals nothing left for anyone or anything else, therefore a crippled thinking capability.

When you start getting out of yourself, you start learning how to use your full mental capacity. Furthemore, when you join your brain power with other people, the total mental firepower expands and expands. In business, it’s called a mastermind group.  In networking, it’s called a networking group.  It is a fact that when you can “link up” with others, the total group consciousness expands.  This is the secret to brainstorming and innovation. When you join with others, your brainpower expands !  

So our third vital skill is: GET OUT OF YOURSELF. 

Well there you have it.  The 3 Keys to increasing your Brain Power:

          Pay Attention

          Start Listening

          Get out of Yourself

Use the three keys wisely. Turn your brain ON to full power and crank up the volume.  Unleash your creativity and your imagination ! The world and everyone in it is waiting.  We can’t wait to have you connect with us!

Here’s to your success!