The popular view of hypnosis, often portrayed in television and motion pictures, is that of unconscious or semi-conscious subjects that quack like ducks or moo like cows, often to a highly-amused audience. Under the direction of mesmerizing hypnotists, these hapless victims can be made to do or say almost anything, even if it is against their will. However, this commonly held view has been refuted by modern science. According to the latest information (Wikipedia, 2010) “ contemporary research suggests that it (hypnotism) is actually a wakeful state of focused attention – cite_note-5#cite_note-5 and heightened suggestibility, with diminished peripheral awareness.” Noted psychologist and sales training expert Dr. Donald Moine holds that hypnotism is “the uncritical acceptance of data, often without conscious awareness or choice.” This brings up an interesting question: what information have you been accepting uncritically, without conscious awareness or choice? And what effect does it have on your ability to sell? The CNN Effect Cable News Network (CNN) is broadcast 24 x 7 to a worldwide audience, supplying a never-ending stream of news, news, and more news. It is often satirized by comedians and analysts as the “Constantly Negative News” channel. But isn’t that characterization pretty accurate for almost any news media outlet? Indeed, isn’t it true that almost EVERY SINGLE television news program, newspaper, cable channel, magazine and article mirrors the “conventional wisdom” of the day?

We are constantly being lectured what to think by broadcasters, politicians, attorneys, policeman, and economists….not to mention Homeland Security. We are subjected to an endless array of “bad news” masquerading as fact. In many cases, the facts are missing and we are being given someone’s editorial opinion.

This constant barrage of “Junk News” succeeds in making us feel simply awful most of the time. Not to mention helpless and hopeless. The “Experts” supply the Programming, delivered by our leaders and authority figures, which operates exactly like hypnosis: the “uncritical acceptance of data, without conscious awareness or choice.” Indeed, these programming sources actually drive people unto a state of “diminished peripheral awareness.”

The way this operates in our minds is both subtle and nefarious. After several hours sitting on the couch in front of a television set, our bodies are driven into a state of semi-unconsciousness and our minds become highly suggestive. In such a state, we listen to the latest economic reports “Folks the economy is bad and it’s getting worse and worse and worse”, and we uncritically accept as FACT one person’s opinion.

Years ago, in an earlier career, I worked as a newspaper reporter and I can tell you quite factually that every news story you have ever read or listened to is simply one person’s opinion. Whenever there is a traffic accident, the police will interview dozens of people and they will receive dozens of “factual” accounts about what actually happened. We all have opinions, and the wonderful thing about being human is that every opinion is right, for us, at that exact time. So, what makes us think that one reporter’s opinion about the Economy is more factual or more relevant than anyone else’s?