Some people lead charmed lives, or so it appears.  Have you ever met a person that attracts good fortune?  These folks always seem to be in the right place at the right time, they always get the best breaks, and their lives are filled with happiness and good fortune.   They always make the right investments, they just happen to go to work for the best companies, they marry the perfect spouse, they live in the best neighborhoods and they have a wide circle of admiring friends.   In short, they seem  blessed!

On the other side of the street are the rest of us, struggling to make ends meet and to keep our heads above water.  We wonder what we’re doing “wrong,” why good things don’t happen to us?  Our investments go sour, we miss out going to work for that fabulous company, we never went out with the Homecoming Queen/King.  We fantasize about winning the lottery and retiring rich, all the while plugging away at a normal humdrum existence.  Why can’t we catch a break?

Just like you, I’ve struggled to understand this puzzle.  Why do some people exude success, and why do others broadcast failure?  Why do some people get all the breaks, and others miss out? What’s the secret to good luck, and how can we get some of it?

In today’s articles, we explore the topic of luck.   Read on….

Preparation meets opportunity

Here’s an often-quoted business maxim:

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” 

Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Tony Robbins et al.

Thisprecept suggests that the individual can positively influence events if they are open to upcoming opportunities and are fully prepared.  The idea seems to be that everyone will have their fair share of opportunities, but the ones who are prepared to take advantage of these opportunities will be the “lucky” ones.

This line of thinking fits admirably in the world of sales.  The most successful sales teams spend quite a bit of time planning and forecasting their activities.  They understand what they are offering to the market, how they are unique with their products/services, who their ideal buyers would be, and have finely-tuned their selling process to positively impact their outcomes.  In short, they are PREPARED.    Diligence and hard work, therefore, will win the day.  Those who are most prepared will be the luckiest.

How then do you explain the fact that we are surrounded by individuals who have had great success in life, who attribute their success to blind dumb luck?   For example, real-estate multi-billionaire Donald Trump has been quoted as stating “Everything in life is luck.”  He’s joined by Guy Kawaski (author of “Rich Man, Poor Man”), who states “ A good idea is about ten percent implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent.” Then we should factor in the documented experiences of two successful titans of technology, Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (Apple).  Both credit much of their success as accidental, based on good fortune.   They weren’t prepared, they were just lucky.

Which leads to an important question: What can WE do to influence “Lady Luck?”

What are you Broadcasting?


I prefer a modern approach, based upon an ancient spiritual law which has been with us for over 6,000 years.  It can be summed up in the following quote:

“The fortune and misfortune in our lives is self-created and results from our ignorance and violation of the universal law of subtle energy response.  It does not ensue from external events, as most people assume.”       Taoist Master Hua-Ching Ni

This universal truth also appears in the Bible:

“For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”

From the world of science, quantum physics continues to prove that our thoughts create reality. (See “The Messages in Water,” by Dr. Masura Emoto).  His visually stunning book offers proof that our ideas, our words, and our emotions can change the molecular structure of physical objects.

All of these sources refer to the fact that our entire universe is a manifestation of energy, and energy has different frequencies and wavelengths.  The heaviest energies are tangible and physical, and can be perceived by our five senses.  The more subtle, lighter energies are invisible and intangible.  They are “sensed” and felt but cannot be perceived by the five senses.

Our thoughts, ideas, and words are projected with a certain type of “subtle” energy and this energy causes a response from the universe.   This response can be positive or negative, and the response can be immediate or delayed…but it always occurs.  And energies of the same frequency attract each other.

When we project the energy of anger or hatred, the response from the universe is a similar frequency.  When we project the energy of kindness or cheerfulness, the response will be in the same frequency.  In short, the universe returns to us precisely what we are broadcasting, the same wavelength and frequency.

If our lives are filled with good fortune, we are likely broadcasting to the universe concepts such as success, happiness, and good fortune.  Conversely, if our lives are filled with bad luck and misfortune, we are likely broadcasting on the wrong wavelengths.   What are you broadcasting?

You can easily determine this for yourself.  Examine what you are experiencing (receiving) in your life right now, because that is exactly and precisely what you are broadcasting (sending).  Life is sending  back to you on the same wavelength.  To change, you must change the energy and frequency of what you are broadcasting.  In short, if you envision and expect that good things will happen to you, the universe will accommodate your request.

And that’s how you can influence “Lady Luck!”