Building trust and rapport in the first 30 seconds was a recurring theme for coaching today.  Personalize, make sure to ask about their geography, and find out why they’re doing the transaction. The critical first minute is when you assess their social style, entrain, build rapport and “make them love you.”

Some of the more “driver” social style reps have difficulty slowing down, pausing, and listening.  Coached several on taking a pause, letting the other person speak, drawing them out and into conversation.  People do business with people they like and respect, it’s up to the salesperson to accomplish that. Several are working on voice projection, clarity of voice, and vocal variety.  A monotone, authoritative voice does not build trust and confidence, nor does a “drill sergeant” tone. Keep it simple (KISS principle) is dynamite.

People do business with us because of our low rates, but they recommend us because we are experts in what we do.  An expert can explain complex topics quite simply so anyone can “get it.”  That’s what we’re good at. Fine tuning, working to entrain with the prospect.  Match their tone of voice, their speed, their language, their emotion, their expressions.  See the world from their viewpoint. Us the word “we” often.  “Are we going to get you locked today?”  “How much are we going to take the loan for?”  “How are we doing today?”   “Let’s review the rates together,”  “Let’s fill out the paperwork together.”

Time management.  Allocate most of your time on new leads, new business.  Block out time for help requests and dropped balls, but stay focused on the goal….new locks.   Inbound calls have priority Warmth, care are vital traits on the phone.

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