This week we focused on the Emotional Side of Selling.

As we discussed, the vast majority of sales occur when the prospect makes an Emotional Commitment to you or your company, and then they proceed to find all the “logical” reasons to justify the decision they already made emotionally.   How many times have you walked into a store, car lot, shopping center or marketplace and right off the bad made a snap decision that you “liked” something and wanted to buy it?  Then you proceeded to spend the next hour coming up with all the reasons to justify what you previously decided!

Very early in your initial call, your prospect will decide they like you, how you speak, how you listen, what your attitude is, whatever, and they will decide.  It’s your job to create the positive flow of energy right off the bat that encourages them to “CHOOSE YOU.”   This is why building Trust and Rapport from the start is so important, especially in the high-volume phone selling environment you work in.

As we covered in training, people make purchasing decisions based upon VALUE, and I learned this week how that occurs.  I noticed several of our loan consultants going the extra mile to explain options, review deals, offer options, and give sound advice to their callers.  And then I noticed the impact on our callers……how grateful and appreciative they were.  Ergo, one of the biggest VALUES we bring to the marketplace is our Expertise and Experience.   Pity your customers!  Where can they go to evaluate the plethora of options, get a clear explanation, and deal with an empathetic listener who will honestly help them to make the best possible decision for THEM!   That’s our VALUE and we should be proud of it.

The final topic was how to handle stress.  There comes a time in every day when the stress can build up, when the “monkey mind” goes crazy and you just can’t relax and focus on the now.  What can you do to return yourself to yourself?    Here are a few workable ideas:

  •                Stand up, breathe deeply, close your eyes and feel your energy
  •                Make faces at yourself in the mirror, and laugh at yourself   
  •                Think about 10 things you’re really grateful for  
  •                Listen to a terrific song
  •                 Walk around the block
  •                 Think about the last time you really helped someone get a loan,think how grateful they were

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