Some great insights were shared today, and I appreciate the many positive comments.  Most of you are really improving, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.  Look out world !

A good tip shared:  when calling to follow up with a customer, don’t make them “wrong” for not calling you back.  Just assume they were busy and you’re calling to discuss the next step or to present a new an innovative idea.

When you learn they are a repeat customer, be sure to thank them for their business and tell them how much you appreciate their return.  They will normally tell you lots of positives about the experience and why they came back.  This leads directly to an assumptive close…why would they go anywhere else?

Don’t over-educate.  Your job is to get them to complete the sales process and take the next step.  Of course, be sure to explain things clearly and directly, but don’t go out of your way to educate them about every little nuance.  That can add several minutes to the process, and take $$ directly out of your pocket.  Remember, your time is valuable, so spend it very efficiently.  Get the deal closed first.

A quick way to get out of “the funk.”  If, for example, your last customer yelled at you or displayed a lot of negative emotion, this may affect your ongoing performance on your next calls.  So, take a moment to “CLEAR THE DECK” and return back to your normal self.  One of the best ways to do this is to think about the hundreds and thousands of people you have successfully helped, how happy they are having worked with you, how joyful they feel about working with you.  Focus on all the good you have created in this world, let all those positive vibes sink in.   You will quickly find that any negative experience will simply melt away in the face of such joy and warmth.   Don’t worry, be happy !

When you have closed the deal turn it over to the delivery/manufacturing organization and move on to the next sale.  DO NOT tell them  they can call you anytime they want with their questions.  You are DONE with the process, and you will now turn them over to our extremely competent and friendly manufacturing/customer service department.  Any further questions or issues should be directed to their next contact, not back to you.   They already have your contact information, and if things go wrong they will undoubtedly call you for assistance.  If manufacturing/development needs you, they will send a help request.  But, now that you have done your job and turned them over, let the delivery  people do their job and move on to the next prospect and sale.

Always remember, your attitude determines your results.  So manifest great results!

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