In my most recent newsletter (, I discussed two important principles:

             1.  Listening to the Now

            2.  Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness

Many of you are probably wondering what this has got to do with improving my sales performance.  So I thought I’d address that common question in this posting.

One of the biggest causes for losing a sale is flat out missing the close.  You are banging along in your sales presentation, making some important points, building more and more value for your prospect when suddenly WHAM it hits them!  They get it, they see what you’re talking about and they decide right then and there to buy!

If you are not paying attention, if you’re not fully present in the now, you will miss the buying signs that are clearly right in front of you, and you may keep talking.  The prospect simply wants to sign the order and receive your product/service, yet you keep talking on and on and on.   Worse, the prospect may even TELL you that he wants to purchase, and you STILL continue talking.

I have seen this very scenario played out in thousands of sales situations, and believe me it is very grim.  The prospect practically BEGS to purchase, and the salesman insists on continuing his presentation to the absolute end no matter how long it takes. 

Clearly, if the salesman was paying attention, he would observe the evidence and simply move to complete the order.

There is another compelling reason to be in the now, focused on your prospect, and that’s because it’s the best method I know of to ATTRACT people to you.  If you are absolutely fascinated with the person you’re listening to, if you are hanging on their every word and showing them by your manner that you are truly interested, this will naturally draw them into your “space.” 

People enjoy being around people who enjoy them.  The moment your prospect senses that you are really truly interested in them, not just to sell them something, they will open up like a flower and will in fact become drawn to you.  In short, if you can get your ego out of the way and make them the most important person in the room, they will many times reward you by giving you the sale.   In sales, it comes down to the relationships we build, and if you take the time to build a relationship, your chances of making a sale increase exponentially.

So, pay attention, listen, be interested and watch your sales numbers increase!