Thoughts become reality.  What we think about all the time becomes true.  The reality we are living in today is caused by the thoughts we are creating right now.

Someone who is paranoid lives in a constant state of fear.  They are surrounded by imagined enemies who are doing everything possible to destroy the paranoid.  Such a person lives in a terror-filled world, a dangerous world, a universe amped to the max with fear, uncertainty, danger, terror and disaster.  

On the other hand, an eternal optimist with a sunny disposition lives in a charmed world, filled with cheerful friends, endless possibilities, lots of fun-filled days, and personal satisfaction. 

The important thing to realize is that each of these people is CREATING the world they live in.  In actual fact, the paranoid will experience hatred, danger, accidents, killing, and doom.  Their life experience will be filled with actual incidents, not just imagined difficulties.  If there is danger, they will attract it.  If there is hazard, it will find them.  If there is a horrible nasty person just itching for a fight, the paranoid will likely draw them in like as moth is drawn to the flame.  Terrible events simply cannot resist the intention created by a paranoid.

The optimist attracts different experiences.  Good things happen to them.  People seek them out to give them things.  Abundance seems to always be in their court.  Friendly smiles, kind words, enthusiastic greetings simply arrive at their doorstep.  They are a literal magnet for good times.

What do you attract? 

Think about it, and honestly evaluate your world.  What have you been experiencing in the last three months? How many friends do you have, and how many enemies?  Do you frequently experience anger, fear, or resentment?  Or do you frequently experience joy, happiness, and serenity.  What is your chronic emotional tone level?   Are you living the dream, or are you suffering through a nightmare?  Write out a checklist, with two columns, a positive and a negative.  How many things can you put in the positive column, how many in the negative? What do you attract?

If you’re like most of us, you are probably attracting a garden variety mixture of good and bad.  Hardly anyone has a clean slate, most of us are saddled with dysfunctional areas in our life, our family, or our careers.   The important thing is to honestly evaluate where we are operating at a less than optimum level, to find out where we are attracting the negative, and to take steps to reverse the story or our lives.

After all, we are the authors of our life story, and we can write the story with either a happy ending or a sad ending.   We pick the words, we frame the thoughts, we visualize the outcomes, and we choose the reality we live in….really!