Are you attractive?

Of course you are, but we’re talking about a different type of attraction — not just physical. Why is it that some salespeople seem naturally “lucky?” How can some people always be in the right place at the right time? Why does most of the business naturally “flow” to certain people and the rest of us have to work hard to earn our share? What is it about some salespeople that enable them to attract business? And where can we go to get some of this magic elixir?

Today, we will discuss how you become a more attractive sales person. Read on….

The Secret to Attraction 

Most of you have probably seen the video or read the book “The Secret,” which discusses The Law of Attraction. In this video, we are lead to believe that whatever we can visualize, whatever we demand of the Universe, is ours for the asking. The Universe would dearly love to give us whatever we want; we just have to ask for it…pretty please!

The biggest secret to The Secret is that it was never a secret. These ideas were written about and discussed over 3,000 years ago by ancient Chinese philosophers such as Lao-Tzu and Gautama Siddhartha Buddha. These masters taught that we are all part of a universal energy field/universe, that we are all connected to each other, and we’re all part of a greater whole. Since we are connected, we have the ability to draw into ourselves the manifestations that we desire and we can also push away the manifestations that we don’t desire.

In short, we are told we have the ability to attract what we desire, and we can keep away what we do not. But to most of us, this idea seems exactly backwards. Most of us seem to attract all the bad things we don’t want, and are forever chasing after the good. What’s happening here?

What’s missing is an understanding of resistance. When we resist, we try to push away the bad things in life (illness, accidents, misfortune, failure, lost sales). What we don’t realize is that the very act of “pushing away” or resisting the bad stuff is exactly what is attracting it to us! And the more we resist it, the more we get of it!

Said another way, what we focus our attention on is what we get more of. If we focus all our attention on problems, we’ll get more problems. If we focus our attention on solutions, we’ll get more of those.

So, the Law of Attraction works, but only if you know how to make it work.

Stop Resisting! 

Here’s the big idea, and the secret to increasing your sales productivity. Stop resisting, and start attracting. Let the good things happen to you! Think of it this way: the universe has a ton of good things that it would love to deliver to you, and you need to stop preventing them from happening. Here are some tips on how to make this happen:

1. Find the people who are already at “Yes.” There are billions of people on this planet and millions of companies. Among all of these, there are thousands of people who would love to buy your product or service. Find them!

2. Stop worrying about your problems. If you spent the same amount of time solving other people’s problems, you would suddenly become very popular.

3. Shut Up and Listen. The person who listens most effectively will always be the best salesperson. If you want to sell more, listen more.

4. Get out of Yourself. There are other people living on this planet, why not try and see things from their viewpoint? If you do this, you may even find out what they need to buy from you, and how to sell to them.

5. Project a Clear Vision. Be very clear and precise about your objectives. Write them down, get your focus exact, and visualize with precision. If you are confused, uncertain, disorganized or upset, guess what you will attract?

6. Acceptance is the Answer. This may be hard to accept, but whatever appears on your doorstep is exactly what you attracted. So you might as well accept it gracefully and gratefully. And next time project a clearer vision of what you want!

7. Be Grateful. Every day, find things to be grateful for. Gratitude and admiration are some of the most powerful emotions we can project, and they operate quite well to dissolve resistance. Therefore, projecting gratitude will make you more attractive.

If you want to triple your sales results in 2011, follow these guidelines. They’ve worked for over 3,000 years, so they’ll probably work for you too!

I am extremely grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for giving me the gift of your attention and support.

Happy Holidays, and here’s to a Terrific 2011.