We all know that attitude is important in sales (and in life.)  How you feel about what you’re doing is critical to whether you’ll succeed or not. However, your Beingness is quite different, something more. Think of it as your personality, your consciousness, your essence.  It’s who you really are at the core level, and it’s also what you project to the world.

Here’s an example.  Suppose you were given the job of selling million dollar yachts to wealthy tycoons.  Each of your prospective clients dresses impeccably, drives expensive cars (or arrives in a limousine with chauffeur), lives in places such as Monte Carlo or Bermuda, and travels the world.   However, you personally have never left the United States, you drive a Chevrolet, you have two suits to your name, and you’re being challenged paying your rent. 

Do you see the problem?  Your Beingness is so far removed from your prospect that you’ll have a vast challenge.  You can’t relate.  You don’t share the same experiences.  Building trust and rapport will be almost impossible.  You just don’t “match”, you can’t make a connection, and you’ll have difficulty selling the benefits of a product that you would never ever be able to afford!  

Here’s the good news.  Thousands of successful salespeople throughout history have faced almost the exact situation, and somehow they were successful.  Somehow they overcame the odds, and somehow they closed business.

The difference was their Beingness.  How they felt about themselves on the inside was critical to their success.  They didn’t consider themselves “poor” or “inept” or “lazy” because of their current situation.  Sure, they didn’t possess material wealth (right now), but that didn’t mean anything to them.  They saw themselves as positive, confident, and successful.  And, how they saw themselves, how they felt about themselves made a HUGE difference in their success.

Don’t worry about the external details, because those don’t matter.  Work on what’s INSIDE.  If you get your Beingness right, everything else will flow naturally.