One of my most productive networking groups is an organization called ProGrowth.  During a recent breakfast meeting, we were led on a workshop discussion on “Busy vs. Productive.”

 Here’s what we learned were the biggest Time Wasters (note: see if you’re guilty!)

             — Unscheduled Email Interruptions

            — Excessive Web Surfing

            — Unscheduled Phone Calls (not business related)

            — Procrastination

            — Multi-tasking

            — Texting at Work, Email on the Cell Phone

            — Spending time with the Wrong People

            — Social Networking (unfocused, not in time blocks)

            — Working personal issues, distracting

            — Socializing, random chit-chat with co-workers or clients

            — Too Many Meetings (especially without an agenda)

            — Non-focused networking meetings

            — Attending Meetings that don’t begin or end on time

Here were the biggest Productivity Gainers:

            — Dedicate time for return phone calls

            — Blocked time for emails/texting

            — A written plan for each day/week

            — Segment tasks into A, B, C priorities

            — No more than 10 major items per day, focus on the 2-3 most critical

            — Know your Critical Success Factors for the day, make sure they are met

            — Focus on Results

What do you think?  Got any to add to either list?

 We’d love to hear your comments…