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Dr. Dawn Bloore

Sales Performance Diagnostics

15 Questions That Measure Your Sales Performance

How does your sales performance rank? Complete this simple assessment to find out. Your score and our assessment of the score will be emailed to you immediately after the test is completed.


After completing the survey assessment we invite you to call us for a complimentary Sales Operation Analysis as a way of introducing ourselves.

Is there a current written sales plan?
Do all the salespeople have an assigned sales goal or quota?
What % of the salespeople achieved their goal last year?
How much time does the sales manager spend in his office?
Sales manager was a salesperson on quota previously for 3 years or more?
Best practice sales process is documented (step-by-step).
Sales ratios defined and used.
CRM/SFA system in use.
Sales data available remotely, over the internet (cloud-based).
What % of monthly forecasts were missed last year?
Higher performers are rewarded with bonuses and perks.
Are opportunity pipelines regularly purged of lower 20%?
Do accelerators exist to reward salespeople who are over 100%?
How many days of training are provided annually?
Are mentors or in-field buddies assigned to sales rookies?

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