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“Workable and practical solutions to real problems faced by every sales manager and corporate executive. Covering virtually every area of concern to sales leaders, Find Lost Revenue tackles difficult issues in short, readable chapters that are jammed with practical solutions, not ivory tower theory.”

            Paul McCord, Sales Management Consultant and Trainer
            Best-Selling Author & Speaker


If you’re like 97% of business executives, you struggle to understand the problems you’re faced with in Sales and Marketing. Why is it so difficult to manage a sales force?  Why can’t you just hire the right people, assign a reasonable budget, and then kick back and watch your revenues soar?  What’s so difficult about that?

Too often, you watch a disaster happening as your salespeople flounder, lose morale and fail. There’s a train wreck happening, and you’re in the middle of it! Revenue is being lost, and you can’t determine why.  Somehow, someway, there must be an answer! 

Find Lost Revenue is the book for you! The authors, five senior-level business consultants with over 150 years of experience, are consistently retained by corporate America to solve the toughest sales and marketing problems. These are not armchair quarterbacks or high-level researchers.

Each of the authors is CEO of his or her own business and makes a living solving problems for others. In this book, they share their very best ideas.  What you’d normally pay thousands of dollars in consulting fees to learn is available within these pages. 

You can’t keep banging your head against the wall, trying to solve your problems the same old way.  What worked in the past is no longer applicable. Now is the time to take a fresh look. Now is the time to imagine possibilities. And, now is the time to uncover the hidden causes of your most pressing sales and marketing problems. 

Here’s a small sampling of over 63 topics covered in this book:

  • 12 Reasons Sales Momentum is Lost (p.7 Obermayer)

  • How to Make Quota the 1st Month of the Year  (p. 54, Obermayer)

  • Why Prospects Stop Talking to You (p. 46, Nasser)

  • What your 8-year old can teach you about sales (p.107,McClure)

  • Learning from your Lost Sales  (p. 66, Nasser)

  • Micro targeting: 21st Century Marketing (p.125, Johnson)

  • What’s Hot in Internet Marketing (p.158, Johnson)

  • Click:  You just lost your Audience (p. 167, McClure)

  • Why Can’t Sales & Marketing Love Each other? (p. 204, Friedman)

  • Success with Sales Leads Management (p. 197, Friedman)


We know you will benefit from the information in Find Lost Revenue, so we provide you our
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Order Find Lost Revenue and we guarantee you’ll be completely thrilled with the insights, lessons learned, and solutions to your sales & marketing problems.  If you don’t completely agree, just return the book for a full refund.



Here’s what our Readers are saying:

"This book is like an MBA in B2B sales and marketing. It covers a wide range of strategic and tactical topics, each treated in a digestible but meaty chapter. How generous of these five pros to share their wisdom and experience with the rest of us!" 

            Ruth P. Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy, Professor of Marketing at
Columbia University Graduate School of Business

“Sales and marketing success is achieved by a complex series of activities that need to be aligned and work together. The problem is that for most B2B selling organizations they rarely do!  Find Lost Revenue offers sound practical advice and actions to pursue the never-ending quest for higher sales.  A must-read in these difficult times!”

            John M. Coe, President, Sales & Marketing Institute
            Author of The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing

"Successful Marketing Leaders know demand creation is critical to sales achievement. Among the tools in this important book are the formulas that quantify the ROI of your marketing and sales spend so that your budgets and priorities are secured. I’ve used these tools in practice and consider this an essential reference." 

            Mark Langer, General Manager, GE Healthcare

“A fresh new book with a well honed focus on "finding new revenue."  For these days of historic challenges mandating fresh thinking, that focus can be a brilliant new launch pad for tomorrow's business breakthroughs.  It is a BIG IDEA book-- full of BIG IDEAS." 

            Bob Danzig, Former CEO/ Hearst Newspapers
            Author, Hall of Fame Speaker


“This book is an excellent read that stimulates thoughts and ideas. When you read it, keep a yellow pad next to you because you will get lots of actionable ideas that you will want to put to work immediately. Continuing to do business as usual after reading Find Lost Revenue is not an option.  I now have a “go to” handbook that I intend reading every year. The bottom line is that it will make my company money!”

            Hal Tilbury, CEO, Bluepoint Solutions, Inc.


“A great collection of sales and marketing insights by five proven experts. If you want to find out what you’ve been missing, and where your sales revenue is being squandered, then this is the book for you!”

            Eric Lofholm, President, Eric Loftholm International, Inc.,    
            Nationally known speaker and sales trainer


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