Millennial Marketing

If Sales is a Dirty Word, let’s get them to Buy!
There are over 79 million Millennials today and none of them believe they can be sold to. They’re now the largest generation, and one of their most commonly-held beliefs is a conviction that salespeople are the evil spawn of the earth. They could never be persuaded into buying products they didn’t already want!

Millennials are smart as a whip, highly educated Digital Natives who know how to blend work and life together to create an impact on the world. They may not always “know best”, but they’re usually connected to someone over the internet who does! Since they can research any person or company instantly, they’ve already made key buying decisions before they connect with you. Traditional sales techniques don’t work anymore!
Key Benefits of Attending this Program:
Attend Patrick McClure’s workshop and discover an effortless system to get Millennials buying your products without any sales resistance. During this innovative seminar, he shares how to:
1. Create unique and powerful sales messages that trigger buying decisions
2. Ask critical questions and listen while they reveal YOUR ideal sales approach
3. How Technology and Culture have shaped Millennials, and how you can benefit.
4. Persuade and Influence buying decisions in today’s “Instant Everything” world
5. Create crowds of eager buyers using Social media to build massive sales
6. The Unique Sales technique guaranteed to triple your sales
7. Revamp your sales process to precisely target Millennials and jumpstart your sales
Meet Patrick McClure, Master Sales Coach:
With sales of over $250 million in products and services for IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS, Hitachi Data Systems and Motorola, Patrick McClure knows exactly what it takes to close the business. Through his workshops, trainings, and consulting, he step-by-step uncovers the missteps that sabotage sales. Most importantly, he arms his clients with the firepower to forever change the way they approach a prospect.

As the author of 3 books on selling, Patrick passionately and patiently serves up his wisdom to readers, clients, and audiences through his consulting firm, The Connexia Group. He caters to both small and large firms seeking to close more business. Talk and Listen to Patrick today