Sales Performance De-Mystified

How to create an Unfair Advantage over your Competition
CEO’s and Board Members are often faced with a terrible dilemma: how to accurately evaluate sales performance without having any training or preparation for the task! Unless they came up through the ranks “carrying a bag”, they wouldn’t have the experience or skills needed to properly diagnose the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales team.

To many, measuring sales performance is similar to Voodoo or guesswork. What should we look for? How can we benchmark our team against the competition? What factors should we examine? Are we fooling ourselves about our sales performance, just taking everything for granted? How can we evaluate ---with accuracy – where we really stand?
Key Benefits of Attending this Program
In this highly interactive workshop, Patrick McClure simplifies the task of evaluating your Sales Organization and gives you the diagnostic skills to reveal your strengths and weaknesses with precision. Using a unique and proprietary Sales Performance Diagnostic tool, you accurately score how your sales team stacks up against the “best of the best” in four key areas:
1. Sales Leadership
2. Forecast Accuracy
3. Drive for Improvement
4. Consistent Sales Messaging
Every audience member leaves with a completed Diagnostic Scorecard, which allows them to pinpoint and correct sales shortfalls, deficiencies, and problems. In addition, you uncover hidden sales drivers that unleash dynamic sales performance. Most important, you walk away with a highly effective tool to measure sales team performance and transform ordinary into spectacular
Meet Patrick McClure, The Sales Accelerator
Having sold over $250 million in products and services for IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS, Hitachi Data Systems and Motorola, Patrick McClure knows exactly what it takes to close the business. Through his workshops, trainings, and consulting, he step-by-step uncovers the missteps that sabotage sales. Most importantly, he arms his clients with the firepower to forever change the way they approach a prospect.

As the author of 3 books on selling, Patrick passionately and patiently serves up his wisdom to readers, clients, and audiences through his consulting firm, The Connexia Group. He caters to both small and large firms seeking to close more business.