Shut up and Listen!

The Magic Formula for Effortless Sales
Salespeople are forever creating PowerPoint presentations, practicing their close, and working on overcoming objections. BUT, they’re the missing the biggest secret to more sales: Listening!
Key Benefits of Attending this Program:
In this breakthrough program, Patrick McClure unveils the magic formula that makes selling effortless. Perk up your ears as The Sales Listener shares how to:
1. Build trust and rapport in the first 45 seconds so that you create an instant connection
2. Master the sales communication formula that forever changes how you approach sales
3. Boost empathy and ESP (extra sensory perception) to increase their willingness to say Yes!
4. Ask the right questions that win you the business
5. Find your ideal client and never go selling the wrong prospect again!
Meet Patrick McClure, Master Sales Coach:
Having sold over $250 million in products and services for IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS, Hitachi Data Systems and Motorola, Patrick McClure knows exactly what it takes to close the business. Through his workshops, trainings, and consulting, he step-by-step uncovers the missteps that sabotage sales. Most importantly, he arms his clients with the firepower to forever change the way they approach a prospect.

As the author of 3 books on selling, Patrick passionately and patiently serves up his wisdom to readers, clients, and audiences through his consulting firm, The Connexia Group. He caters to both small and large firms seeking to close more business.