Speak up and Lead!

We live in a hyperactive, supersonic, always-connected “instant everything” world, and I’m afraid that most of you aren’t getting your message across. There’s just too much clutter, too many messages, too many voicemails, too many texts, too many emails, too many speeches, too many books, too many articles, just TOO MANY!

Whether you are speaking, presenting, or writing, your audience will make decisions FAST about whether they should give you their attention. They are constantly wondering WIFM (What's in it for me?) If you don’t give them a good answer to that question, they will activate their remote control and "click" you off!

During this energetic and motivational program, Patrick McClure will show how to connect with an audience and command their attention in the first 30 seconds of your presentation. He then follows with the 5 core skills you need to present your ideas with clarity and precision. Whether presenting your ideas to an annual meeting, a board of directors, an investment group, or your key executives, the ability to demonstrate leadership and to persuade from the podium is a highly admired and sought after skill.
During this session, the audience will:
  • Learn how to structure and build an effective business presentation
  • Planning, Preparation and Practice
  • Using Body Motion and Vocal Variety – the Energizers
  • Handling Questions & Answers from the Podium
  • Connecting with your Audience for Maximum Impact