Top 10 Client Acquisition Strategies without the Phone

Every year, more and more salespeople find themselves chasing after fewer and fewer clients. What used to work in the past doesn’t seem to work any longer. The 800-pound phone still terrifies most of us, and the fear of rejection wipes out the rest. What’s an enterprising salesperson supposed to do? What strategies are top sales professionals using to meet and win new clients? What else works, and how can I adapt it to my practice?

In today’s energetic and fast-paced presentation, Patrick McClure will clue you in on what you need to CHANGE in your business development efforts to become successful in today’s instant-messaging generation. It’s no longer “just a numbers game.” Dialing for dollars has gone the way of the other dinosaurs that are extinct, and client acquisition has now morphed into an entirely different and exciting game. There are new rules, new techniques, and new approaches to take. Find out:
  • How to get MORE referrals
  • How to convert referrals into new clients
  • Cold vs. Warm introductions
  • Managing your Business Network
  • Groups & Associations to join
  • Your personal UVP
  • Social Networking
  • Getting Branded and Published
  • Speaking for Dollars